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Arthur Mack narrates his life work and anthology "Tales of Forever Michael"Chatper 2: The Beginning.

Arthur Mack narrates his life work and anthology "Tales of Forever Michael"Chatper 1: The Girl with the Golden Hair.

Rudolph Hess bakes Hitler a birthday cake.

The theme song for the new Soap Opera Superstore series The Adventures of Rudolph Hess.Begins April 19. 

Hard Case - Episode 3

Dr Hon. Judge Shinebright meets a dog. 

Hard Case - Episode 2

Dr Hon. Judge Shinebright presides over a faulty computer. 

Hard Case - Episode 1

Just another case in the life of Hon. Dr. Judge. Shine Bright. 

Wizard Trap - Finale

Hon. Dr. Judge. Shinebright passes her decision on her hit TV series Hard Case. 

Wizard Trap - Episode 7

Pepper Vs Master Witch Hunter court case is battled out on a hit TV series called Hard Case, whereupon Hon. Dr. Judge Shinebright picks through the evidence presented with a fine ...

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